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Sternberg Vintage Lighting is a manufacturer of vintage style luminaires, ornamental poles with coordinating bollards and landscape furnishings available in a wide variety of designs. Poles are welded for single unit durability. Luminaires are welded cast aluminum, available with a wide selection of high performance lamping reflectors and refractors. Some options include decorative bracket arms/rings, convenience outlets, photocells and banner arms. Landscaping furnishings include decorative traffic signal poles, mast arms, street clocks, street bells, decorative cast park benches, trash receptacles and mailboxes. Our lighting is used by cities, towns, main streets, parks, train stations, shopping centers, golf courses, hotels, colleges, banks, marinas and more. Since 1923, Sternberg has earned a reputation throughout the lighting industry for high quality products and services. Today Sternberg is represented by over 84 domestic and foreign manufacturers representative agencies.

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