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This rating is based on the quality of products produced by this company. Our quality begins where lighting sold by depot stores ends.

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Almost half a century ago, the founders of ARTCRAFT®, Albert N. Cohen and Samuel L. Bernstein, opened our doors in Montreal, Quebec. With only a vision and a lot of hard work, they began a business which over the years has earned a reputation for excellence in home lighting products that is the envy of many companies in North America. In the mid fifties, they were joined by two industrious and capable brothers, Ruben and Itzic Marcovici, and in the mid-seventies the second generation of family members came on board with specialties in design, engineering, marketing and finance. To this day, ARTCRAFT remains a family owned business with many talented and skilled individuals making up the ARTCRAFT® family, all dedicated to quality in manufacturing and to personal attention for customers.

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